Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas was a wonderful time with the exception we were a couple kids short. The boys went to the mom's for the holiday....:( We all had a great time!!! With all these kids you would think (or at least I would think) that there would be fighting over the newest toy...but NOPE no fighting. The kids all enjoyed the new toys and hats and things I made them. Of course them loving the stuff I made just tickled me to death!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

OK so now I have lost my mind for certain. It is just a few days before Christmas and I have yet to finish making every one's hat, scarf and mitten sets....and yet I agree to make MORE!!! The local DHS people have asked if my friend and I would make 30...yes 30 sets. And of course we said we would LOVE to do that for the kids that are in foster care in our county. The only positive thing to this is we have till the 1st of the year to complete this. So as I knit my fingers off to get all of this done I try to remind myself that "I love to knit"

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So going to the grocery store today....I HATE the grocery store!!!! Especially just before a holiday such as this. But it has to be done. Is there anyone else out there that likes the store as much as I do?
The big meal is at my house this year and as excited I am to have everyone over and enjoy the day I am just as depressed about the shopping trip needed to make the day happen.
So please everyone wish me a speedy uneventful day at the grocery store....:)

Friday, October 30, 2009


Today is one of those days that could possibly bring death to any and all that are near me.
I was not a great patient last night and did not take my shot like I should had to do it this morning and that crap always makes me feel like shit!!
I was very kind to the children this morning.....I explained to them very early in the day that I have the patience of a rattlesnake today and that it would benefit them to stay clear. But, do you think this house of ankle biting, crumb snatching, money thieving monsters could accomplish that?
HELL NO!!!! They went to play in the bedrooms agreeing that they would play nice....RIGHT!! It was not 15 minutes and there were 4 boys in that bedroom acting like I was true to my word and the smoke started to shoot out of my ears.
Everyone of these boys had the nerve to look at me like I had just killed the dog!!!!! They were lucky that they were not gazing at their own limbs lying on the floor near them.
And then the oldest child acted like I was some sort of troll when I asked her to bring MY truck back I did not ask this of her just as soon as she had left the house or anything. She and several others spent the night at the church to keep an eye on things...they housed 60 something people that were stranded in town cuz of the blizzard. And when I called her it was she had the benefit of MY (yes I know I am being petty...but it is MY truck...I make the damn payments) truck all friggin night. Not that I have been able to drive MY truck in the last week. Yes that is right she has had the truck everyday in the last week. Now I am sure most of you are thinking why not just buy her a car of her very own. Well let me tell you why....she is 18 with a job and thought she was old enough to have a child of her own. So I am thinking she can find a way to buy her own damn ride.
The darling husband was kind enough to call me a few hours ago and tell me that he would be leaving work soon to make his way home and of course he is not here yet.....he did call back when he really left work...he got pulled into a meeting with the 1st fun. During the 1st phone call he also dropped the bomb on me that he is leaving in this Friday. Leaving as in deployed across the world. To a sandbox where most anyone even the natives have bulls eyes on their backs 24/7.
Now as I have said before I am not worried about him living through the fun game of keep away from the bomb. But I am really worried about the kids still being in 1 piece when he gets back. I am pretty sure if I kill them they will not let us continue to claim them on the taxes.
Now as I try to get kids to wind down for the night I am pumping myself up for a great day tomorrow. We have a football game for 2 of the boys, basketball practice for another and a Halloween gathering of roughly 16 kids at my house in the evening. I have got to start prepping myself now to be in a good mood or there may be witnesses to the abuse.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lawless Thursday

In Sterling, Colorado .......Cats may not run loose without having been fit with a taillight.....Anyone know of a taillight tailor. I have cats of many different shapes and sizes and the one size fits all is just not
In Vail.....No one may keep junk close to someone else....who defines what junk is? I mean Fred and Lamont Sanford think that there is treasure in some of that crap the rest of us toss out. And, my son brings home more crap than Fred ever took home!!!! I guess this could work in my favor as a mother....tie junk around my kids to keep the bullies

Snowy Day

Today is another snowy day here on the Plains.....I love these days!! It is time to cook some warm soothing food, drink hot chocolate and stay in jammies on the couch under blankets. And yet, I have not been able to do that this morning. The kids are completely nutty and I have a home visit from a terapist this morning. I know it is a good thing that the therapist is making a home visit to work with the kids but UUGGHH I really don't want to look presentable today. And, thank goodness I got what I wishd for she just called and cancelled. So a day at home in my jammies, baking cookies and breads....and soap of course.
I have a good life!!!
How many people can say that? I doubt that the number is very high in relation to the population of just my small town. I really wish more people could feel as good about life as I do.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello again!!

I feel like I have been gone forever..I had computer issues and now that this machine is on my side I am back.
While I have been gone we have been busy with keeping kids for another foster parent for them to go away for a few days, school out due to snow, football all weekend and the general everyday hum drum.
Today has been a very productive day. I have cookies baked, laundry done, socks knitted and dinner was done by 3 (before the kids are home)
It is 42 degrees outside right now...the area I live in is under a winter storm advisory....there is still snow on the ground from last weeks storm and I am sitting on my couch right this very minute watching a neighbor across the road cutting the grass.....WHY!? Does she think that it was too high? Or is she just really upset with her husband and just working off the fumes? He is outside too...he is sweeping the driveway and she is pushing that lawn mower. A really strange sight outside my front window.
What do you think the reason is the neighbor is cutting grass today?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Whacky Wednesday

I keep the kids really busy and Wednesday is actually a day that we don't do much. I think that Wednesday is my UUGGHHH day instead of Monday. For me Monday is great all 8 kids go away and I have the house to myself...I was once asked what was the one thing I could do without the kids home that I look forward to when they go to school on answer was one that shocked the older couple asking....."I can go pee with the bathroom door open".
Not everyone will understand that freedom but I am certain that those of us with a chaotic house that never seems to sit still or be quiet will completely get it.
It seems that on Wednesday's the kids wake up on the wrong side of the bed with their inner green monster at the control center of the brain.
My 12 yr old daughter woke up in a worse mood than any stereotype of a women with bad PMS (I have actually asked to doc to do something about her moods...he says puberty hasn't come she is just naturally moody...aren't I the lucky mom?) and even though most all of the other kids have left she is still standing in the dining room bitching under her breath about something and of course she will not tell me what that something is. It must be me.....eehhh who cares
The 4 yr old boy woke up with a rocket stuck in is ass...and someone lit that sucker up!! He won't sit still or lower his voice to save his life...and honestly he may need help with saving him.
The 8, 9, and 12 yr old boys are fighting with each other because they each think they are in charge of the universe. And that the other 2 should do exactly what they say and how they say it. I have had them all stand in front of me this morning say "My name is......and I am not in charge". You would not believe how hard that statement is for the 9 and 12 yr old to say.
The 13 yr old boy is so tired that he is just not moving and is just pissed cuz he has not brushed his teeth yet. I have tried to explain if he brushes them then he has nothing to crab about but he won't get up....I think he just wants to crab.
The 15 yr old boy got up with lead in his ass and just cannot seem to get himself up and moving today.
The 18yr old daughter is still asleep...thank goodness....she does have college class this afternoon and work tonight...but that means she is home until the 4 yr old gets home form preschool and that means I have to close the door to pee.

What is your freedom?...the thing that you don't do when everyone else is home that just makes you feel joyous that you are home alone

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lawless Tuesday

I was talking to my 15 year old son the other day about some just totally crazy and outdated laws that are still on the in the wee hours when I could not sleep I thought I would look up that stuff.
I am thinking about making this a regular Tuesday thing...these old laws just cracked me up.
In Jonesboro Georgia It is illegal to say “Oh, Boy.
In Gainsville Georgia Chicken must be eaten with the hands.
In Columbus Georgia It is illegal to carry a chicken by it’s feet down Broadway on Sunday.
I am so glad that I moved from Georgia to Colorado because I break these laws on a regular basis. And just think of what I am teaching my kids...I mean we all carry chickens by the feet on Sunday down busy's our family bonding time!!

Monday, October 12, 2009


I am pretty sure I have mentioned before but my husband is active duty military and is about to deploy.....our deploy date is Nov 9 and I have to say I am finally becoming a bit anxious. I am not having what I imagine most military wives deal with in the way of anxiety in this situation....I am thinking about... Who is gonna get out of bed and turn the light off when I am too lazy to do it?...Who will let the dog in when I fall back asleep on the couch in the middle of the night?...Who will do dishes on Sunday morning cuz I was WAY to lazy to take care of that on Saturday night?
I am not freaking out about him going to war....he's been there twice before I am pretty sure he knows the drill and how to stay alive. My issues are way more selfish than worrying about him staying alive. I worry about when I want to just run to the store and get a pint of ice cream after the kids have gone to be who will be home with the kids.
The army could have done this a year and a half ago before I was used to living with him. For the 1st 2 years we were married he lived in VA and the kids and I in CO. I refused to uproot the kids that were ours and refused even more to put our foster kids "back in the system". So we got married on a Monday morning just before I put him on a plane to VA and he would come home every 5 or 6 weeks for about 4 days. Yes I know this was a looney set up but it worked for us. And when we got married we knew that with some stubbornness, luck and loads of paperwork we could get him moved back to CO on what is called a compassionate reassignment. I have MS and talked my doc into telling the army that I could not move to the east coast cuz of the heat and humidity. Now after jumping through all those stupid and totally useless hoops that the Army said we had to jump they are going to deploy him....GO FRIGGIN FIGURE!!!
My husband is so lucky to have a wife like me...(HA HA HA).....don't ya think?

Memoir Monday

<spanPhotobucket src="">

Ok so giving this whole thing a go........

I owned an in-home daycare for many years and had been keeping this gorgeous dark haired handful of a little girl for a few months when her mom was picking her up on a Friday afternoon....and she (Cindy)asked me if my kids would be with their dad that weekend. My reply was "yeah that SOB has my kids again". And she went on with a story of an internet date coming and he had a friend that needed a date and wanted me to be that 4th wheel.

She asked me at just the right time...cuz normally I would have said no but this day for some odd reason I agreed to go out with 3 people I hardly knew. So after all the kids left I got myself ready to go out to dinner and dancing.....and drove to Cindy's house. Please remember she had never seen me outside of my daycare life. I walked in her house and she asked who I was. I had make-up on, my hair was fixed and had on a very short skirt. She was shocked to say the least that her daycare provider also had a wild side.

That night we did the usual date dinner and dancing. It was a fun evening and even though these 2 guys were not keepers they were gentlemen and made sure our drinks were always topped off. At the end of the evening we made our way to Waffle that is tradition in the south. And, the fella I got stuck with just about got us jailed by his total disrespect for the police man sitting there having his breakfast. We left there in a bit of a rush just to shut this man up.

We made our way back to Cindy's and her date asked me why I was leaving....wasn't I gonna stay with Terry (my date). I gave that some thought and told them that if Terry could walk across the room to me that I would stay. I gambled right on that one.....Terry's reply to me was....."well it was nice to meet you, had a nice night, g-bye"

What a bullet I dodge that night and thank God that I had a lush for a date.....but through all of that a friendship was started that has been proof that sometimes we can choose our family.

Thanks Cindy for getting me out that crazy night!!

There are many more stories of our days as single women to come on the memoir mondays.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Derived from the English game of rugby, American football was started in 1879 with rules instituted by Walter Camp, player and coach at Yale University.

Thanks Walt...for the way I spend most of my Saturdays!!!

The big question I have is why in the world does football need to be played outdoors in below freezing temps....this morning 3 of our boys had games the high while out there was 22 was too freakin cold to even snow!!!!

What about football has men pushing the boys to be out there freezing to death? I saw countless boys playing with snot frozen to their upper lip....and sad to say almost as many grown men. The men are able to hide the frozen snot with a mustache and/or a beard....but if of them had a coffee or any sort of drink they had ice on the facial hair.....Why oh why? Do they think this look makes them more attractive to the female population? Yeah....NOT SO MUCH!!!

I was lucky enough to find a parking place next to the field so that the other kid and I could sit in the warmth and watch the game. That has it's down side as well sit in a car with a ADHD 4 yr old, a special needs 12 yr old girl (who really thinks she is Hannah Montana and that she make the earth revolve) and a 13 yr old special needs boy )who thinks there has to be football in life to continue to breath). Getting these 3 kids to get along long enough to watch 3 games is a bit of a challenge to say the least.

The boys did however win me the bragging rights to the I guess this means more games in the frigid temps....oh yay I am so excited......(not so much) really I am really proud of our little men.......

I do have to say thank God the hubby is not deployed yet...he at least should be home until football season is done....he is a great help with getting the boys to practice and stuff. And to the husbands praise he stood out there in the freezing cold with frozen snot throughout the games helping with the sideline markers or whatever they are called. What a great dad he is!!!

I really do think that somehow in his brain that standing out there with frozen snot makes him sexy. I hate to break it to him but football does not make him sexy no matter how much snot is when he does the dishes and the laundry I can hardly hold myself back.....I walk around the house thinking for things to fuss at kids about so I can put them to bed early.......(wink wink)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Waiting and praying for snow

The big question is why......Why on earth would I be excited about the prospect of snow?
and the truth is I am so excited about the thought of snow that I am checking the weather not just the 10 day forecast but by the hour option on
With 8 kids that just means more laundry and of course the nasty shoes that will create a disgustingly muddy spot in my dining room....cuz I won't let the kids use the front...they have to use the back makes me feel special like maybe I have a staff...................oh OK I am back from my wonderful dream of a household staff. The 2nd point of snow is.......if it snows as much as I would like school would be closed and I would be stuck with all these ankle-biting, crumb-snatching, money-thieving monsters that I claim as my very own children.
So what exactly does this say about me? Just how much therapy should I have? Or should I jut skip therapy and be institutionalized?

A pic says a 1000 words

A picture of my wonderful can you not love that Giant Goof!!!! This was taken when our daughter was in the hospital having our 1st grand.
He is going to be deployed in less than a month. We will miss him loads.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How great is life?

So after I took a shower this morning guess what I did...go ahead guess...I put on more PJ's. That's right I got dresses in more Jammie's. Now this is not a new thing for me I live like this most days...and I have to say it is WONDERFUL!!! I get my kids out the door then I have a snack that I have to admit is not all that healthy and get dresses in another pair of Jammie's before I start the infamous "To Do List" that I have waiting for me.

So after my morning snack...Biscotti was today's yummy.....I got to Taking Care of I horribly sang the tune to even made my ears hurt... I had gotten some shelves hung out in the shop and moved boxes from the garage/master bedroom out there and then the shredding began.

I have 4 Wal-mart bags of shredded material. That was just the old crap I had...I have not yet even considered the old crap the hubby might have on his side of the room.

About halfway through the mission of cleaning up and out I began to fizzle out a tad. The school called to say my 13yr was not feeling well and he needed to be picked up. I walked to the school and got my poor sick fella..and came home thinking that I have to force myself to get back to work....and the 1st box I decided to touch re energized me....It was just a box of yarn and I was consolidating all of my craft stuff...anyway in the bottom of the box there was THE EXTRA SET OF KEYS TO MY TRUCK!!!!!

So you may not really understand why I am so excited over this find....but I have to admit to all that those keys have been missing for about 2yrs. I know that is just nuts to have them missing and not search high and low to find them.....just please remember that I do have 8 kids and as long as I have "A" set of keys I am alrighty with that.

Along with finding my keys I have stumbled on some yarns I forgot that I guess what I am about to start...... knitting until my boney fingers are all knobby and cramped so that they look like some sort of monsters hands.....maybe I can turn those ugly cramped hands into a Halloween costume.
I put my dinner in the oven on super low early this dinner is about done and now the onlly thing I have left I really want to get done is a batch of I am off to get in touch with my inner mad-scientist :)

Monday, October 5, 2009


Yes I am so excited to say I found the sofa....I knew it was somewhere under that HUGE pile of clean...yes I said clean, laundry. I finally got it all washed, dried and folded....the big challenge had become putting all of that away. Today I put my mind to it and it is ALL put away!!!!
My husband and I did have to put up a door with a lock on the boys closet door. Now in all fairness there are 4 boys sharing what use to be the master bedroom.....
the hubby and I moved into the garage little more than a year ago when I made a plea to social services to keep 2 brothers together...they only wanted me to take the younger. When I finally got my way (like I usually do) I have brought home more kids than I had room that afternoon we moved into a garage.....
but back to the lock on the closet....these 4 boys just cannot seem to leave the clean clothes in the dresser or hanging in the closet....instead they prefer to have them shoved under the bed or trampled on as they play football in the bedroom. Which BTW they all know is against the rules....any game that requires throwing ANYTHING needs to be played outside. But we are talking about 4 boys from 4 yrs to 12 why should I really expect them to play football outside? Right?
So now that I have all the laundry caught up and even put away what will I do with my time? I think I am about to take on the task of sorting through old know old bills, receipts, insurance crap and start shredding. Any of the few of you that read this should place bets on how many times I will have to dump the shredder can before I finish....I will tell you that the shredder is an average one bought from Wal-mart and the last time I went on a shredding frenzy the shredder overheated and I had to stop to let it cool off. Oh ! more thing I now have 2 small shredders so I plan on putting both of them to use.
Wish me a day of Happy Shredding!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Soap again

Yesterday I finally made some time to make a couple batches of soap. The first batch was a castille soap for my Peanut..(code for grandson Macael). It was only a 1lb batch and turned out great....other than the molds I had set out ready for the soap did not hold the entire my soaps are like the Rockie Mountains..they do look funny but the soap is very mild. I cannot wait until it is cured for a few weeks and really mellows out. After the success of the castille I thought I would go ahead and jump right in to a Japanese Lotus Blossom scented soap. I got all of my oils and lye/water in the crock pot....everything is going well. Dinner is cooking, soap is cooking and dishes are going in the dishwasher....the kids are relatively sane at this moment. I think I am home free....RIGHT. I step outside to talk to the parents of one of my kids friends and I suppose we chatted a bit to long. When I came back in the house what did I see but a HUGE mess of soap all over the counter. My 8 year old comes in and says "whoa looks like the pot of soap puked all over the counter!!" It was a very good description of what had actually happened. Thank goodness I had not gotten to the scent and color part of the process yet!! All I could really do is just laugh at the disaster I had on my hands. By the time I got all of that cleaned up the kids were done with dinner and I was running short on time to get them settled before my favorite show was was Thursday night after all....what was I thinking committing myself to soap making on a Thursday. Anyway, needless to say I did not complete a batch of Lotus Blossom until this afternoon. The color is not all that I wanted it to be...but oh my the scent is simply YUMMY!!!

Even with my big ole boo boo in the kitchen I am so happy to have made myself take the time to make soap again. It's not like I need any soap I have 4 shoe boxes full of cured cut soaps just waiting for me to wrap and package for if I can make a batch at least every other day of the week I will feel like I can put together nice little Christmas packages for the people you never really know what to give. The next on my list of things to get going are bath bombs....anyone every made those and had any success...I am pretty sure that I have gotten all the supplies I will need to make them. Now is just finding the time to do it. With the kids and sports and the DH about to be deployed I am finding the days have been cut short of hours.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can I get a manual?

Ok so I am an army wife, but I really don't live like one. I have convinced (more like suckered) my husband into commuting 90 something miles one way to work everyday so that we can live in a town very much like Mayberry. I don't understand the goofy language that is used by the army and I honestly don't make a huge effort to learn it either. In my defense I married into the Army at a more mature age than some. I am not old by any means but I also am not the 20 year old wife that has not dealt with some of the curve balls life can throw at you. I have been married before, a business owner and supported myself and kids through some tough times.
My husband recently got orders to deploy overseas and there are these FRG meetings that are set up for the spouses. Now I suppose that it is a good idea to have a support system and to know the channels that information will come from. But, I am one of those wives that feels like I can just read a pamphlet that would give me the info I need and move on. I think that an adult person should be able to read all the pertinent information and apply it as needed.
Are there other military families out there that have been through this and feel like with your own personal group of friends that you have the support you may need...without getting all chummy with the other spouses? Not that I have anything against those other spouses, but I have 8 kids and really don't have a ton of time left over in my days...not to mention you look for a sitter for 8 kids (4 have special needs). Is there a manual for those of us that are socially challenged?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Does Laundry Breed ??

So as I spend my Tuesday doing the laundry...(a mountain of laundry) I cannot help but wonder where did all of this come from. It has not been all that long since all of the laundry was caught up and done. So can anyone shed some light on the question that has plagued mankind for generations?
This is part of my mountain. It does not include the bedding that is due to be washed. I hope to get this done today and move to bedding tomorrow. I will post an after picture of what I actually get done.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Time for good ole comfort food

Since moving to Colorado from Georgia my bread baking skills have been lacking. The change in altitude has me scrambling for a new recipe. But, thanks to Cindy I have one that she has had success with so I am giving it a shot. Dinner for tonight will be chili in bread bowls. I am so excited to make this one!!!
I LOVE WINTER and all the food that comes with it. :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Another long weekend over only to start a LONG week

So after a weekend like we jut had Monday was looking good for rest....HA HA at least that is what I thought.
This past weekend was the homecoming game for our football team. Homecoming in this little town means a parade and a game that consumes our entire day. Our youngest rode a float with his preschool, Nathan and Morgan rode the float for the recreation dept football team, Marq was in the parade part of the marching band. Brooke, our oldest, crowned the new homecoming queen. After all of the festivities that we attended there was a dance that Dylan went to. So of course we stayed up late waiting for the teen boy to get home.
As I worked on laundry to get caught up and got thins together for school on Monday, I thought "how great it will be the kids will be in school tomorrow and I don't have any appointments". Well that was certainly not the case!! Not 1 hour after school started I got the dreaded call...."Hi this is Jill, you need to come get Nathan he is coughing". So there went my day not having to make a meal for anyone. (I had planned on ice-cream for lunch) I picked up the boy that was not at all feeling sick and did NOT want to come home and began to knit. I did finish gloves, a scarf and a hat...and started on a 2nd set. So I guess my day was not all lost. Maybe tomorrow will be "MY DAY"
Is there anyone out there that works from home now and feels like they have never worked harder?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things that make you go "hmmm"

So as a parent or the adult in a child's life looking in do you ever just say "hmmm what would make them do something like that"? I know I do everyday. Let me give you an example.....what make a 4 year old decide to play in the toilet with an entire new roll of "potty paper" as it is referred to in our house. Or the 9 year old boy fish out the goldfish from my garden pond to give to his friend. Or the 15 year old boy to roast marshmallows in the basement with a lighter, along with friends.

Is it just me or do you notice a trend....all of these deeds were done by boys. So maybe the question should be more like...What makes boys tick? What inside the brain says that these are good ideas? In a house of 11 people there are 8 male children and of course the 1 adult male that never really grew up.

Tell me what is it that makes boys and sometimes the things they do?
Remember to smile at those goofy things and there is always a rainbow :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

An Introduction

First of all I would like to introduce myself. I am 38 year old a military wife and mother of 8....yes you read that right 8 children....and 1 perfect little grandson. Not all of our children came to us the "conventional" way, but they are ours all the same (We foster kids with special needs) I moved from Georgia to Colorado in 2003 and married this wonderful nut November 13, 2006. I have been lucky in life to have a wonderful family and a best friend that most people would envy having. This friend that I speak of is Cindy and by some miracle she and her family (husband and 2 kids) packed up lock, stock and barrel and moved to Colorado sight unseen to be close to me and to tap into this wonderful small town life I have stumbled upon here. Now the fun begins, I am the persuasive type and have of course talked Cindy into fostering kids and making homemade soap from scratch. (I have a mad scientist somewhere not so deep inside me) I have had her making butter from cream and laughing at the green monster inside these kids that talks them into doing some of the most outlandish stuff. After playing on the computer and noticing the trend to "blog" I figure why the heck not get on this bandwagon and try it. Who knows there may be more people in the world that could get a laugh from our daily...."what were you thinking" question that is posed to the many children in our lives.
I really hope that folks will read this and either learn something or teach me something. I am much like any other busy house is never clean enough, the laundry is going to eat me in the middle of the night...or day...if the pile gets any larger, I never know what is for dinner and the homework get harder with every year I get older. But I always have something to smile about even if I am yelling about it right now there is a smile in there somewhere.
So smile with me!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Macael Lynch

Our wonderful new baby boy made his way into the world July 21, 2009!! What a wonderful blessing he is to us. He is the most beautiful little gift imaginable.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I learned to make soap and it was an exhilirating experience. Strange as that sounds. But the "Beaker" muppet inside me is loving every minute of it. The chemistry of taking these oils, lye, some water and turning them into a totally different substance is just amazing!!!