Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Whacky Wednesday

I keep the kids really busy and Wednesday is actually a day that we don't do much. I think that Wednesday is my UUGGHHH day instead of Monday. For me Monday is great all 8 kids go away and I have the house to myself...I was once asked what was the one thing I could do without the kids home that I look forward to when they go to school on answer was one that shocked the older couple asking....."I can go pee with the bathroom door open".
Not everyone will understand that freedom but I am certain that those of us with a chaotic house that never seems to sit still or be quiet will completely get it.
It seems that on Wednesday's the kids wake up on the wrong side of the bed with their inner green monster at the control center of the brain.
My 12 yr old daughter woke up in a worse mood than any stereotype of a women with bad PMS (I have actually asked to doc to do something about her moods...he says puberty hasn't come she is just naturally moody...aren't I the lucky mom?) and even though most all of the other kids have left she is still standing in the dining room bitching under her breath about something and of course she will not tell me what that something is. It must be me.....eehhh who cares
The 4 yr old boy woke up with a rocket stuck in is ass...and someone lit that sucker up!! He won't sit still or lower his voice to save his life...and honestly he may need help with saving him.
The 8, 9, and 12 yr old boys are fighting with each other because they each think they are in charge of the universe. And that the other 2 should do exactly what they say and how they say it. I have had them all stand in front of me this morning say "My name is......and I am not in charge". You would not believe how hard that statement is for the 9 and 12 yr old to say.
The 13 yr old boy is so tired that he is just not moving and is just pissed cuz he has not brushed his teeth yet. I have tried to explain if he brushes them then he has nothing to crab about but he won't get up....I think he just wants to crab.
The 15 yr old boy got up with lead in his ass and just cannot seem to get himself up and moving today.
The 18yr old daughter is still asleep...thank goodness....she does have college class this afternoon and work tonight...but that means she is home until the 4 yr old gets home form preschool and that means I have to close the door to pee.

What is your freedom?...the thing that you don't do when everyone else is home that just makes you feel joyous that you are home alone


  1. I turn off the tv, turn off music, turn off the lights, and enjoy the silence. And I totally pee with the door open. I cannot believe how much I prize alone time in the bathroom. OMG! I know I could never have fathomed in my wildest dreams that I would prize that alone time above things like chocolate, and wine!

  2. Very nice post and I can understand your pain. Fortunately I can pee with the door open but grew up with a bunch of sisters and brothers and only one bathroom.