Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snowy Day

Today is another snowy day here on the Plains.....I love these days!! It is time to cook some warm soothing food, drink hot chocolate and stay in jammies on the couch under blankets. And yet, I have not been able to do that this morning. The kids are completely nutty and I have a home visit from a terapist this morning. I know it is a good thing that the therapist is making a home visit to work with the kids but UUGGHH I really don't want to look presentable today. And, thank goodness I got what I wishd for she just called and cancelled. So a day at home in my jammies, baking cookies and breads....and soap of course.
I have a good life!!!
How many people can say that? I doubt that the number is very high in relation to the population of just my small town. I really wish more people could feel as good about life as I do.


  1. Geez. It's raining, it's cold, I'm in ISS with 6 kids that won't shut up, and I haven't felt good since yesterday. I'm gonna think some horrible thoughts your way.

    Just kidding.

    Or am I???

  2. I know you are but that is ok....cuz guess what I love my life....nanner nanner

  3. I think you're catching the worst of the storm your way. We've become such weather weenies ever since the city spread north and east. You should see the bum's rush at WallyWorld for milk and bread any time it clouds over.

    Here's a thought for keeping the kids busy. Orange cleaning rags for the windows and ledges. Not festive enough? Hide trinkets and let them hunt for them with the vaccum.
    OK, maybe not. Perhaps these sites can jog your imagination:

    Hang in there. Peppermint Schnaps is a perfectly suitable substitute if you run out of peppermint candies. You be the judge of the age limit. (wink)

  4. Still in the 80's here. :(

    I want some FALL, or WINTER!

  5. You got snow already? I'm dreading it but at least you got to stay home in the warm house with cookies and soap!