Monday, October 5, 2009


Yes I am so excited to say I found the sofa....I knew it was somewhere under that HUGE pile of clean...yes I said clean, laundry. I finally got it all washed, dried and folded....the big challenge had become putting all of that away. Today I put my mind to it and it is ALL put away!!!!
My husband and I did have to put up a door with a lock on the boys closet door. Now in all fairness there are 4 boys sharing what use to be the master bedroom.....
the hubby and I moved into the garage little more than a year ago when I made a plea to social services to keep 2 brothers together...they only wanted me to take the younger. When I finally got my way (like I usually do) I have brought home more kids than I had room that afternoon we moved into a garage.....
but back to the lock on the closet....these 4 boys just cannot seem to leave the clean clothes in the dresser or hanging in the closet....instead they prefer to have them shoved under the bed or trampled on as they play football in the bedroom. Which BTW they all know is against the rules....any game that requires throwing ANYTHING needs to be played outside. But we are talking about 4 boys from 4 yrs to 12 why should I really expect them to play football outside? Right?
So now that I have all the laundry caught up and even put away what will I do with my time? I think I am about to take on the task of sorting through old know old bills, receipts, insurance crap and start shredding. Any of the few of you that read this should place bets on how many times I will have to dump the shredder can before I finish....I will tell you that the shredder is an average one bought from Wal-mart and the last time I went on a shredding frenzy the shredder overheated and I had to stop to let it cool off. Oh ! more thing I now have 2 small shredders so I plan on putting both of them to use.
Wish me a day of Happy Shredding!!!!

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