Friday, October 2, 2009

Soap again

Yesterday I finally made some time to make a couple batches of soap. The first batch was a castille soap for my Peanut..(code for grandson Macael). It was only a 1lb batch and turned out great....other than the molds I had set out ready for the soap did not hold the entire my soaps are like the Rockie Mountains..they do look funny but the soap is very mild. I cannot wait until it is cured for a few weeks and really mellows out. After the success of the castille I thought I would go ahead and jump right in to a Japanese Lotus Blossom scented soap. I got all of my oils and lye/water in the crock pot....everything is going well. Dinner is cooking, soap is cooking and dishes are going in the dishwasher....the kids are relatively sane at this moment. I think I am home free....RIGHT. I step outside to talk to the parents of one of my kids friends and I suppose we chatted a bit to long. When I came back in the house what did I see but a HUGE mess of soap all over the counter. My 8 year old comes in and says "whoa looks like the pot of soap puked all over the counter!!" It was a very good description of what had actually happened. Thank goodness I had not gotten to the scent and color part of the process yet!! All I could really do is just laugh at the disaster I had on my hands. By the time I got all of that cleaned up the kids were done with dinner and I was running short on time to get them settled before my favorite show was was Thursday night after all....what was I thinking committing myself to soap making on a Thursday. Anyway, needless to say I did not complete a batch of Lotus Blossom until this afternoon. The color is not all that I wanted it to be...but oh my the scent is simply YUMMY!!!

Even with my big ole boo boo in the kitchen I am so happy to have made myself take the time to make soap again. It's not like I need any soap I have 4 shoe boxes full of cured cut soaps just waiting for me to wrap and package for if I can make a batch at least every other day of the week I will feel like I can put together nice little Christmas packages for the people you never really know what to give. The next on my list of things to get going are bath bombs....anyone every made those and had any success...I am pretty sure that I have gotten all the supplies I will need to make them. Now is just finding the time to do it. With the kids and sports and the DH about to be deployed I am finding the days have been cut short of hours.

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