Saturday, October 10, 2009


Derived from the English game of rugby, American football was started in 1879 with rules instituted by Walter Camp, player and coach at Yale University.

Thanks Walt...for the way I spend most of my Saturdays!!!

The big question I have is why in the world does football need to be played outdoors in below freezing temps....this morning 3 of our boys had games the high while out there was 22 was too freakin cold to even snow!!!!

What about football has men pushing the boys to be out there freezing to death? I saw countless boys playing with snot frozen to their upper lip....and sad to say almost as many grown men. The men are able to hide the frozen snot with a mustache and/or a beard....but if of them had a coffee or any sort of drink they had ice on the facial hair.....Why oh why? Do they think this look makes them more attractive to the female population? Yeah....NOT SO MUCH!!!

I was lucky enough to find a parking place next to the field so that the other kid and I could sit in the warmth and watch the game. That has it's down side as well sit in a car with a ADHD 4 yr old, a special needs 12 yr old girl (who really thinks she is Hannah Montana and that she make the earth revolve) and a 13 yr old special needs boy )who thinks there has to be football in life to continue to breath). Getting these 3 kids to get along long enough to watch 3 games is a bit of a challenge to say the least.

The boys did however win me the bragging rights to the I guess this means more games in the frigid temps....oh yay I am so excited......(not so much) really I am really proud of our little men.......

I do have to say thank God the hubby is not deployed yet...he at least should be home until football season is done....he is a great help with getting the boys to practice and stuff. And to the husbands praise he stood out there in the freezing cold with frozen snot throughout the games helping with the sideline markers or whatever they are called. What a great dad he is!!!

I really do think that somehow in his brain that standing out there with frozen snot makes him sexy. I hate to break it to him but football does not make him sexy no matter how much snot is when he does the dishes and the laundry I can hardly hold myself back.....I walk around the house thinking for things to fuss at kids about so I can put them to bed early.......(wink wink)


  1. I think the movie "Varsity Blues" says it best when the dad looks at another dad and says, "Sh*t, these boys is havin the times of their lives!"

    We don't know why we push them. But it's probably connected to the glory days.

  2. It could be worse, you could be here in the FL heat wave. The temps yesterday were in the 90s with the index it felt like it was 100+. It's October for crying out loud!

  3. I left GA almost 7 yrs ago and don't miss the weather at all!!

  4. Hiya Alison -
    Thank you for stopping by my little ol' bloggy thing and leaving a comment.
    You are 100% right about the menfolk. Football is just a game to me, but put a mop and dustpan or a *paint brush* (shudder) in a man's hand and I'm putty -- pure putty!
    Hang in there. We're supposed to warm up in a couple days!