Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Waiting and praying for snow

The big question is why......Why on earth would I be excited about the prospect of snow?
and the truth is I am so excited about the thought of snow that I am checking the weather not just the 10 day forecast but by the hour option on
With 8 kids that just means more laundry and of course the nasty shoes that will create a disgustingly muddy spot in my dining room....cuz I won't let the kids use the front...they have to use the back makes me feel special like maybe I have a staff...................oh OK I am back from my wonderful dream of a household staff. The 2nd point of snow is.......if it snows as much as I would like school would be closed and I would be stuck with all these ankle-biting, crumb-snatching, money-thieving monsters that I claim as my very own children.
So what exactly does this say about me? Just how much therapy should I have? Or should I jut skip therapy and be institutionalized?

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  1. I can't get past the "8 kids" phrase - wowzers you've got your hands full! :o)