Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How great is life?

So after I took a shower this morning guess what I did...go ahead guess...I put on more PJ's. That's right I got dresses in more Jammie's. Now this is not a new thing for me I live like this most days...and I have to say it is WONDERFUL!!! I get my kids out the door then I have a snack that I have to admit is not all that healthy and get dresses in another pair of Jammie's before I start the infamous "To Do List" that I have waiting for me.

So after my morning snack...Biscotti was today's yummy.....I got to Taking Care of Business...as I horribly sang the tune to myself...it even made my ears hurt... I had gotten some shelves hung out in the shop and moved boxes from the garage/master bedroom out there and then the shredding began.

I have 4 Wal-mart bags of shredded material. That was just the old crap I had...I have not yet even considered the old crap the hubby might have on his side of the room.

About halfway through the mission of cleaning up and out I began to fizzle out a tad. The school called to say my 13yr was not feeling well and he needed to be picked up. I walked to the school and got my poor sick fella..and came home thinking that I have to force myself to get back to work....and the 1st box I decided to touch re energized me....It was just a box of yarn and I was consolidating all of my craft stuff...anyway in the bottom of the box there was THE EXTRA SET OF KEYS TO MY TRUCK!!!!!

So you may not really understand why I am so excited over this find....but I have to admit to all that those keys have been missing for about 2yrs. I know that is just nuts to have them missing and not search high and low to find them.....just please remember that I do have 8 kids and as long as I have "A" set of keys I am alrighty with that.

Along with finding my keys I have stumbled on some yarns I forgot that I had....so guess what I am about to start...... knitting until my boney fingers are all knobby and cramped so that they look like some sort of monsters hands.....maybe I can turn those ugly cramped hands into a Halloween costume.
I put my dinner in the oven on super low early this morning...so dinner is about done and now the onlly thing I have left I really want to get done is a batch of soap....so I am off to get in touch with my inner mad-scientist :)

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