Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello again!!

I feel like I have been gone forever..I had computer issues and now that this machine is on my side I am back.
While I have been gone we have been busy with keeping kids for another foster parent for them to go away for a few days, school out due to snow, football all weekend and the general everyday hum drum.
Today has been a very productive day. I have cookies baked, laundry done, socks knitted and dinner was done by 3 (before the kids are home)
It is 42 degrees outside right now...the area I live in is under a winter storm advisory....there is still snow on the ground from last weeks storm and I am sitting on my couch right this very minute watching a neighbor across the road cutting the grass.....WHY!? Does she think that it was too high? Or is she just really upset with her husband and just working off the fumes? He is outside too...he is sweeping the driveway and she is pushing that lawn mower. A really strange sight outside my front window.
What do you think the reason is the neighbor is cutting grass today?


  1. Cutting grass in the snow? Um....I didn't think grass grew once it gets that cold. At least it doesn't here in FL.