Monday, October 12, 2009

Memoir Monday

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Ok so giving this whole thing a go........

I owned an in-home daycare for many years and had been keeping this gorgeous dark haired handful of a little girl for a few months when her mom was picking her up on a Friday afternoon....and she (Cindy)asked me if my kids would be with their dad that weekend. My reply was "yeah that SOB has my kids again". And she went on with a story of an internet date coming and he had a friend that needed a date and wanted me to be that 4th wheel.

She asked me at just the right time...cuz normally I would have said no but this day for some odd reason I agreed to go out with 3 people I hardly knew. So after all the kids left I got myself ready to go out to dinner and dancing.....and drove to Cindy's house. Please remember she had never seen me outside of my daycare life. I walked in her house and she asked who I was. I had make-up on, my hair was fixed and had on a very short skirt. She was shocked to say the least that her daycare provider also had a wild side.

That night we did the usual date dinner and dancing. It was a fun evening and even though these 2 guys were not keepers they were gentlemen and made sure our drinks were always topped off. At the end of the evening we made our way to Waffle that is tradition in the south. And, the fella I got stuck with just about got us jailed by his total disrespect for the police man sitting there having his breakfast. We left there in a bit of a rush just to shut this man up.

We made our way back to Cindy's and her date asked me why I was leaving....wasn't I gonna stay with Terry (my date). I gave that some thought and told them that if Terry could walk across the room to me that I would stay. I gambled right on that one.....Terry's reply to me was....."well it was nice to meet you, had a nice night, g-bye"

What a bullet I dodge that night and thank God that I had a lush for a date.....but through all of that a friendship was started that has been proof that sometimes we can choose our family.

Thanks Cindy for getting me out that crazy night!!

There are many more stories of our days as single women to come on the memoir mondays.


  1. HA! This is great! He knew he couldn't do it! Terry sounds like a doucher! Also, I don't know why my button isn't working for you... I am pretty sure I've done something horribly wrong.

  2. Hey there! I am so late in posting this but I am linking to your blog today because I love your "White Trash" halloween costume idea!

    Do you have a pic of it? I am trying to talk my oldest in to trying that!

  3. I don't miss my single mommy days for anything. I hated dating and one of my friends called me the one date wonder because I didn't like any of them well enough to go out on a second date. I was a tad bit picky I guess. I lucked out with my hubby now. He's a keeper.