Thursday, February 25, 2010

I have always been a person that is absent minded.....but lately I have lost some really odd things...such as...
Just after Thanksgiving I lost a Christmas tree

Just after Christmas I lost a carpet steamer

and just this week I lost a 3 pound package of ground chuck
Now I am certain you are asking the same thing that I have asked......."How in the hell can you lose those things?" And the answer is I don't friggin know!!

But thankfully the Christmas tree was found in the attic space of our shop building, the steamer was safely visiting Cindy...(I completely forgot she borrowed it).....but the meat well I cannot find it!!!

I even called Cindy to ask if maybe she had it or knew what I had done with it. Yes I know that sounds a bit odd that I call my BFF to find a package of meat that I bought....but you gotta know she is like my keeper. For instance, yesterday the Elem School Princ called her asking if she was with me and to please relay a msg that he had already left on my VM...which was not an emergency by the way. So you can see how she is universely known as my (the beauty of a small town)

Anyway....back to the meat...she does not know what happened to it either. I have scoured the freezers and fridge and even the corners of the kitchen and dining room thinking maybe I have left it somewhere unknown...and boy was I happy when I did not find it just misplaced on the floor somewhere.
But the case of the missing meat is still open. I bet that the grocery store has profitted on that pack 2x's now.
And this leads me to ponder "What the heck am I gonna do for dinner tonight?"....hhmmmm...good ole' pot roast to the rescue with carrots, celery and taters...YUMM YUMM

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I have to vent a bit this morning.....I foster kids and have a sibling group of 2 boys and they have been with me since Sept 2008.....the oh so professional caseworker calls yesterday afternoon and leaves a msg saying don't send kids to school that he will be here to do a "visit" with them.
He showed up as promised a tad after 8 and the kids were already upset cuz they were missing school and coming in late just makes them stand out even more.
The "Professional" tells the boys they will be moving in March, and when the older boy says he would like to finish school here the reply from the "Professional" is and I quote..."well you might be here who knows when you will really move."
He just drops this news on these kids before he has any confirmation and puts them on edge and most times it is for nothing.
Mr. Pro also addressed an issue with the older boy being mean to his sister. I was all supportive of this talk until it got to ....."you won't see your sisters after you move and...she cried when I told her you would be moving soon...why do you want to make your sister cry"
....why can't the "Professional" just keep his mouth shut until he has a definitive time and action that is going to happen not a maybe?
This particular Pro makes me crazy....there is no reason to put this kid through such a guilt trip and dump all this crap on him and then take him straight to that all the other kids will ask him why.
UUGGGHHHH this is the part of my job I actually hate.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I got some new goodies curtesy of the UPS lady...oh thank you UPS lady you are my hero. I now have what I need to make tea bags for the bath. I am so excited. I certainly hope they turn out as nice as I envision them being. Tell me what do you think........

I have 10 of these beautiful little bags...I am so excited to use them!!!

Lawless Tuesday

In Montana, it is illegal for married women to go fishing alone on Sundays, and illegal for unmarried women to fish alone at all.

Now with fishing alone on a Sunday being illegal all married women need to remember to toss the hubby to the sharks Saturday before

Monday, February 22, 2010

I have a short and sweet one today......

Passed one overnight THANK GOODNESS

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I got to spend my Valentine's day at a basketball tournament with one of the was supposed to start at 4 and of course started over an hour late. Before the game I went grocery shopping.....considering I have not been shopping for anything more than milk and bread since Thanksgiving spending $400 was a great deal for me. But we all know how much I despise the grocery store. And then to get to the school for the tournament and find out that our game would start an hour late did not make my day. So we finally made it back to the big town of Limon just in time to feed the kiddos a VERY late dinner and put them to bed. And with the husband off work Monday we just decided to have our day then. I bought him some home foot spa stuff....he LOVES to get pedicures!! Cindy and Tim came over for lunch and a movie. Cindy and I tried to get Tim to join in on the foot fun....but no go He is just too manly for
It really was a nice day. I really love having them around when we just hang out and do nothing.

Monday, February 8, 2010

OK so I finally got off my tushi and put stuff up on Etsy. My best know her...Cindy nagged me till I got it done. I did not post much...I figure this is just to see if anyone out there is interested in what I have to peddle. Here's to hoping that it turns out well for me.
So if you are bored and wanna go see what I have then take a stroll on over and check it out. And please tell me HONESTLY what you think!! I need all the feedback I can get to improve what I am doing....