Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I have to vent a bit this morning.....I foster kids and have a sibling group of 2 boys and they have been with me since Sept 2008.....the oh so professional caseworker calls yesterday afternoon and leaves a msg saying don't send kids to school that he will be here to do a "visit" with them.
He showed up as promised a tad after 8 and the kids were already upset cuz they were missing school and coming in late just makes them stand out even more.
The "Professional" tells the boys they will be moving in March, and when the older boy says he would like to finish school here the reply from the "Professional" is and I quote..."well you might be here who knows when you will really move."
He just drops this news on these kids before he has any confirmation and puts them on edge and most times it is for nothing.
Mr. Pro also addressed an issue with the older boy being mean to his sister. I was all supportive of this talk until it got to ....."you won't see your sisters after you move and...she cried when I told her you would be moving soon...why do you want to make your sister cry"
....why can't the "Professional" just keep his mouth shut until he has a definitive time and action that is going to happen not a maybe?
This particular Pro makes me crazy....there is no reason to put this kid through such a guilt trip and dump all this crap on him and then take him straight to that all the other kids will ask him why.
UUGGGHHHH this is the part of my job I actually hate.


  1. Maybe a very blunt letter to his superior might be in order?

  2. You have my extreme sympathies.
    I think you've found these so called professionals are in worse shape than the clients they serve. And that's a sad, sad statement on society.