Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can I get a manual?

Ok so I am an army wife, but I really don't live like one. I have convinced (more like suckered) my husband into commuting 90 something miles one way to work everyday so that we can live in a town very much like Mayberry. I don't understand the goofy language that is used by the army and I honestly don't make a huge effort to learn it either. In my defense I married into the Army at a more mature age than some. I am not old by any means but I also am not the 20 year old wife that has not dealt with some of the curve balls life can throw at you. I have been married before, a business owner and supported myself and kids through some tough times.
My husband recently got orders to deploy overseas and there are these FRG meetings that are set up for the spouses. Now I suppose that it is a good idea to have a support system and to know the channels that information will come from. But, I am one of those wives that feels like I can just read a pamphlet that would give me the info I need and move on. I think that an adult person should be able to read all the pertinent information and apply it as needed.
Are there other military families out there that have been through this and feel like with your own personal group of friends that you have the support you may need...without getting all chummy with the other spouses? Not that I have anything against those other spouses, but I have 8 kids and really don't have a ton of time left over in my days...not to mention you look for a sitter for 8 kids (4 have special needs). Is there a manual for those of us that are socially challenged?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Does Laundry Breed ??

So as I spend my Tuesday doing the laundry...(a mountain of laundry) I cannot help but wonder where did all of this come from. It has not been all that long since all of the laundry was caught up and done. So can anyone shed some light on the question that has plagued mankind for generations?
This is part of my mountain. It does not include the bedding that is due to be washed. I hope to get this done today and move to bedding tomorrow. I will post an after picture of what I actually get done.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Time for good ole comfort food

Since moving to Colorado from Georgia my bread baking skills have been lacking. The change in altitude has me scrambling for a new recipe. But, thanks to Cindy I have one that she has had success with so I am giving it a shot. Dinner for tonight will be chili in bread bowls. I am so excited to make this one!!!
I LOVE WINTER and all the food that comes with it. :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Another long weekend over only to start a LONG week

So after a weekend like we jut had Monday was looking good for rest....HA HA at least that is what I thought.
This past weekend was the homecoming game for our football team. Homecoming in this little town means a parade and a game that consumes our entire day. Our youngest rode a float with his preschool, Nathan and Morgan rode the float for the recreation dept football team, Marq was in the parade part of the marching band. Brooke, our oldest, crowned the new homecoming queen. After all of the festivities that we attended there was a dance that Dylan went to. So of course we stayed up late waiting for the teen boy to get home.
As I worked on laundry to get caught up and got thins together for school on Monday, I thought "how great it will be the kids will be in school tomorrow and I don't have any appointments". Well that was certainly not the case!! Not 1 hour after school started I got the dreaded call...."Hi this is Jill, you need to come get Nathan he is coughing". So there went my day not having to make a meal for anyone. (I had planned on ice-cream for lunch) I picked up the boy that was not at all feeling sick and did NOT want to come home and began to knit. I did finish gloves, a scarf and a hat...and started on a 2nd set. So I guess my day was not all lost. Maybe tomorrow will be "MY DAY"
Is there anyone out there that works from home now and feels like they have never worked harder?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things that make you go "hmmm"

So as a parent or the adult in a child's life looking in do you ever just say "hmmm what would make them do something like that"? I know I do everyday. Let me give you an example.....what make a 4 year old decide to play in the toilet with an entire new roll of "potty paper" as it is referred to in our house. Or the 9 year old boy fish out the goldfish from my garden pond to give to his friend. Or the 15 year old boy to roast marshmallows in the basement with a lighter, along with friends.

Is it just me or do you notice a trend....all of these deeds were done by boys. So maybe the question should be more like...What makes boys tick? What inside the brain says that these are good ideas? In a house of 11 people there are 8 male children and of course the 1 adult male that never really grew up.

Tell me what is it that makes boys and sometimes the things they do?
Remember to smile at those goofy things and there is always a rainbow :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

An Introduction

First of all I would like to introduce myself. I am 38 year old a military wife and mother of 8....yes you read that right 8 children....and 1 perfect little grandson. Not all of our children came to us the "conventional" way, but they are ours all the same (We foster kids with special needs) I moved from Georgia to Colorado in 2003 and married this wonderful nut November 13, 2006. I have been lucky in life to have a wonderful family and a best friend that most people would envy having. This friend that I speak of is Cindy and by some miracle she and her family (husband and 2 kids) packed up lock, stock and barrel and moved to Colorado sight unseen to be close to me and to tap into this wonderful small town life I have stumbled upon here. Now the fun begins, I am the persuasive type and have of course talked Cindy into fostering kids and making homemade soap from scratch. (I have a mad scientist somewhere not so deep inside me) I have had her making butter from cream and laughing at the green monster inside these kids that talks them into doing some of the most outlandish stuff. After playing on the computer and noticing the trend to "blog" I figure why the heck not get on this bandwagon and try it. Who knows there may be more people in the world that could get a laugh from our daily...."what were you thinking" question that is posed to the many children in our lives.
I really hope that folks will read this and either learn something or teach me something. I am much like any other busy house is never clean enough, the laundry is going to eat me in the middle of the night...or day...if the pile gets any larger, I never know what is for dinner and the homework get harder with every year I get older. But I always have something to smile about even if I am yelling about it right now there is a smile in there somewhere.
So smile with me!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Macael Lynch

Our wonderful new baby boy made his way into the world July 21, 2009!! What a wonderful blessing he is to us. He is the most beautiful little gift imaginable.