Monday, September 21, 2009

Another long weekend over only to start a LONG week

So after a weekend like we jut had Monday was looking good for rest....HA HA at least that is what I thought.
This past weekend was the homecoming game for our football team. Homecoming in this little town means a parade and a game that consumes our entire day. Our youngest rode a float with his preschool, Nathan and Morgan rode the float for the recreation dept football team, Marq was in the parade part of the marching band. Brooke, our oldest, crowned the new homecoming queen. After all of the festivities that we attended there was a dance that Dylan went to. So of course we stayed up late waiting for the teen boy to get home.
As I worked on laundry to get caught up and got thins together for school on Monday, I thought "how great it will be the kids will be in school tomorrow and I don't have any appointments". Well that was certainly not the case!! Not 1 hour after school started I got the dreaded call...."Hi this is Jill, you need to come get Nathan he is coughing". So there went my day not having to make a meal for anyone. (I had planned on ice-cream for lunch) I picked up the boy that was not at all feeling sick and did NOT want to come home and began to knit. I did finish gloves, a scarf and a hat...and started on a 2nd set. So I guess my day was not all lost. Maybe tomorrow will be "MY DAY"
Is there anyone out there that works from home now and feels like they have never worked harder?

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