Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can I get a manual?

Ok so I am an army wife, but I really don't live like one. I have convinced (more like suckered) my husband into commuting 90 something miles one way to work everyday so that we can live in a town very much like Mayberry. I don't understand the goofy language that is used by the army and I honestly don't make a huge effort to learn it either. In my defense I married into the Army at a more mature age than some. I am not old by any means but I also am not the 20 year old wife that has not dealt with some of the curve balls life can throw at you. I have been married before, a business owner and supported myself and kids through some tough times.
My husband recently got orders to deploy overseas and there are these FRG meetings that are set up for the spouses. Now I suppose that it is a good idea to have a support system and to know the channels that information will come from. But, I am one of those wives that feels like I can just read a pamphlet that would give me the info I need and move on. I think that an adult person should be able to read all the pertinent information and apply it as needed.
Are there other military families out there that have been through this and feel like with your own personal group of friends that you have the support you may need...without getting all chummy with the other spouses? Not that I have anything against those other spouses, but I have 8 kids and really don't have a ton of time left over in my days...not to mention you look for a sitter for 8 kids (4 have special needs). Is there a manual for those of us that are socially challenged?

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