Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things that make you go "hmmm"

So as a parent or the adult in a child's life looking in do you ever just say "hmmm what would make them do something like that"? I know I do everyday. Let me give you an example.....what make a 4 year old decide to play in the toilet with an entire new roll of "potty paper" as it is referred to in our house. Or the 9 year old boy fish out the goldfish from my garden pond to give to his friend. Or the 15 year old boy to roast marshmallows in the basement with a lighter, along with friends.

Is it just me or do you notice a trend....all of these deeds were done by boys. So maybe the question should be more like...What makes boys tick? What inside the brain says that these are good ideas? In a house of 11 people there are 8 male children and of course the 1 adult male that never really grew up.

Tell me what is it that makes boys and sometimes girls....do the things they do?
Remember to smile at those goofy things and there is always a rainbow :)

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