Monday, September 14, 2009

An Introduction

First of all I would like to introduce myself. I am 38 year old a military wife and mother of 8....yes you read that right 8 children....and 1 perfect little grandson. Not all of our children came to us the "conventional" way, but they are ours all the same (We foster kids with special needs) I moved from Georgia to Colorado in 2003 and married this wonderful nut November 13, 2006. I have been lucky in life to have a wonderful family and a best friend that most people would envy having. This friend that I speak of is Cindy and by some miracle she and her family (husband and 2 kids) packed up lock, stock and barrel and moved to Colorado sight unseen to be close to me and to tap into this wonderful small town life I have stumbled upon here. Now the fun begins, I am the persuasive type and have of course talked Cindy into fostering kids and making homemade soap from scratch. (I have a mad scientist somewhere not so deep inside me) I have had her making butter from cream and laughing at the green monster inside these kids that talks them into doing some of the most outlandish stuff. After playing on the computer and noticing the trend to "blog" I figure why the heck not get on this bandwagon and try it. Who knows there may be more people in the world that could get a laugh from our daily...."what were you thinking" question that is posed to the many children in our lives.
I really hope that folks will read this and either learn something or teach me something. I am much like any other busy house is never clean enough, the laundry is going to eat me in the middle of the night...or day...if the pile gets any larger, I never know what is for dinner and the homework get harder with every year I get older. But I always have something to smile about even if I am yelling about it right now there is a smile in there somewhere.
So smile with me!!!!


  1. Yes, you dragged me kicking and screaming into it all...fostering, soap, and what ever else you decide is worth trying out! Your first blog is pretty good!

  2. So glad to have found your blog (I saw you on my stats-thansk for following my blog!) I too live in Denver and was raised as a foster kid in California. It takes a strong, courageous and selfless person to foster children and I admire you for what you are doing!

    Too cool about making your own soap too! :)