Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I got to spend my Valentine's day at a basketball tournament with one of the kids.......it was supposed to start at 4 and of course started over an hour late. Before the game I went grocery shopping.....considering I have not been shopping for anything more than milk and bread since Thanksgiving spending $400 was a great deal for me. But we all know how much I despise the grocery store. And then to get to the school for the tournament and find out that our game would start an hour late did not make my day. So we finally made it back to the big town of Limon just in time to feed the kiddos a VERY late dinner and put them to bed. And with the husband off work Monday we just decided to have our day then. I bought him some home foot spa stuff....he LOVES to get pedicures!! Cindy and Tim came over for lunch and a movie. Cindy and I tried to get Tim to join in on the foot fun....but no go He is just too manly for that....lol
It really was a nice day. I really love having them around when we just hang out and do nothing.

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  1. Hey There -
    Thanks for chiming in on my behalf. People who don't appreciate their children can't appreciate the people who care for their children. I think the nasty poster on my site sees themself in the mirror when I describe the lady I work for, and isn't too happy with the view.
    I think it's time for normal, don't you?!