Friday, October 30, 2009


Today is one of those days that could possibly bring death to any and all that are near me.
I was not a great patient last night and did not take my shot like I should had to do it this morning and that crap always makes me feel like shit!!
I was very kind to the children this morning.....I explained to them very early in the day that I have the patience of a rattlesnake today and that it would benefit them to stay clear. But, do you think this house of ankle biting, crumb snatching, money thieving monsters could accomplish that?
HELL NO!!!! They went to play in the bedrooms agreeing that they would play nice....RIGHT!! It was not 15 minutes and there were 4 boys in that bedroom acting like I was true to my word and the smoke started to shoot out of my ears.
Everyone of these boys had the nerve to look at me like I had just killed the dog!!!!! They were lucky that they were not gazing at their own limbs lying on the floor near them.
And then the oldest child acted like I was some sort of troll when I asked her to bring MY truck back I did not ask this of her just as soon as she had left the house or anything. She and several others spent the night at the church to keep an eye on things...they housed 60 something people that were stranded in town cuz of the blizzard. And when I called her it was she had the benefit of MY (yes I know I am being petty...but it is MY truck...I make the damn payments) truck all friggin night. Not that I have been able to drive MY truck in the last week. Yes that is right she has had the truck everyday in the last week. Now I am sure most of you are thinking why not just buy her a car of her very own. Well let me tell you why....she is 18 with a job and thought she was old enough to have a child of her own. So I am thinking she can find a way to buy her own damn ride.
The darling husband was kind enough to call me a few hours ago and tell me that he would be leaving work soon to make his way home and of course he is not here yet.....he did call back when he really left work...he got pulled into a meeting with the 1st fun. During the 1st phone call he also dropped the bomb on me that he is leaving in this Friday. Leaving as in deployed across the world. To a sandbox where most anyone even the natives have bulls eyes on their backs 24/7.
Now as I have said before I am not worried about him living through the fun game of keep away from the bomb. But I am really worried about the kids still being in 1 piece when he gets back. I am pretty sure if I kill them they will not let us continue to claim them on the taxes.
Now as I try to get kids to wind down for the night I am pumping myself up for a great day tomorrow. We have a football game for 2 of the boys, basketball practice for another and a Halloween gathering of roughly 16 kids at my house in the evening. I have got to start prepping myself now to be in a good mood or there may be witnesses to the abuse.


  1. Hope you are having a better day today!

  2. I hope that by now things have calmed down a bit. We all have days where things just don't go right. I explain to people upfront that this is not a good day for me. They usually leave me alone.