Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lawless Tuesday

I was talking to my 15 year old son the other day about some just totally crazy and outdated laws that are still on the books....so in the wee hours when I could not sleep I thought I would look up that stuff.
I am thinking about making this a regular Tuesday thing...these old laws just cracked me up.
In Jonesboro Georgia It is illegal to say “Oh, Boy.
In Gainsville Georgia Chicken must be eaten with the hands.
In Columbus Georgia It is illegal to carry a chicken by it’s feet down Broadway on Sunday.
I am so glad that I moved from Georgia to Colorado because I break these laws on a regular basis. And just think of what I am teaching my kids...I mean we all carry chickens by the feet on Sunday down busy streets....it's our family bonding time!!


  1. Woo. Last time I was there, I was carrying a chicken by the legs and not the feet. I got a warning.

  2. Ya'll are some redneck, no class, law breakin', animals. Carrying chickens down the street, by their feet, ON SUNDAY. Sheeesh! The GALL! No manners. My momma taught me better than that.


  3. Oh man! I love carrying my chickens by the feet and poking them with a fork while screamng "Oh Boy!" It's quite a turn on, actually...