Friday, March 12, 2010

Now I have done more reading on this hydroponic vegetable garden than I did on having a baby when I was pregnant, and I feel like the only way to make sure I understand what I have read is to just build it and see what happens. Up to this point I think I understand the building process.
Just need a tote such as this.....
cut some holes in the top of it for a little plant baskets, fill the basket with clay stones,

and plant with no soil on the roots
get a fish tank air pump and a sand stone.....fill the tote with water to the bottom of the basket and voila you have a garden. The pump keeps oxygen in the you just have to add some sort of nutrient supplement to the tank.

Now according to all of the reading this should give a larger than usual yeild to a crop. So, we will be seeing as soon as our overnight temps are steady enough to get this going I will try to take a stab at it.
If anyone knows anything about this PLEASE let me know what you know.  Maybe sharing info can help us all.
OH and I am going to the farm store next week to see about the chicks...YAY ME!!!!


  1. Get some pix of the chicks please! ;o)

    p.s. thanks for the b-day wishes! xoxo

  2. Kids and school and animals and crafting -- oh my! I'd say your plate is a full one.

    Didn't we meet because of loom knitting????

  3. hydroponic veggie garden sounds interesting ;-)
    Have lot's of fun with the new chicks...I always like getting new baby animals around the house!