Saturday, March 20, 2010

No Spend Week

I was inspried by Eilleen, over at
Consumption Rebellion to try this out and see how I do.

I have decided that starting March 26th for 7 days I will not shop for anything. This does mean that I have to get my act together and plan a menu for that week and get to the grocery store, but what the heck how bad can it be to not eat out or shop for 7 days.
Now this does not include what the Old Man will spend getting to and from work, his commute is about 100 miles one way so refilling the tank happens often. It will also not include medical stuff and the usual bills.
How many of you can try the same thing? If not for 7 days how about just the weekend? Maybe we could all make an impact on our own lives this way.


  1. I keep wanting to try this and getting sidetracked by something (usually some delicious-looking something edible)... Look forward to hearing how it goes!

  2. p.s. - Alison, I found your blog because I was searching for info on fostering, and real life experiences... I just finished my orientation and signed up for the required classes to become a foster parent (hoping to fost adopt). It's still a ways off for me, but I love reading about your experiences. So thanks!

  3. I love this. I do this sometimes just to clean out my pantry, fridge and freezer. I've made it six days without going to the grocery store. But then I hit the wall!

    We do this sometimes by the month...the only thing we buy is groceries, gas and toiletries.

    Neat post.

    Thank you!

  4. Yes! Do this- it is so satisfying and wonderful to just use what you got- I am really trying to hold back on the purchasing this year.

  5. That's a fabulous idea. How often do I just blow money for no reason, even if it's just a few bucks. I'd like to give this a try next week.

  6. If I'm at the grocery store less than five times a week, it's a miracle. I don't know if I could go seven whole days.

  7. Seeing as I was just diagnosed with Social Anxiety, this might work well for me! Probably, no one in the produce section wants to see me all doped up on Xanex singing at the top of my lungs. Just call me Elvis :)