Thursday, March 11, 2010

I discover earlier this week that not only is Spring Break starting for us on Friday...but they are letting the kids out of school early on Thursday...(today) And when I asked the question, that once I did I knew I really did not want the answer....
"why are you getting out early?"        "cuz the basketball team is playing state in Pueblo"  was the reply I got
Now I have to admit that I like us only having a 4 day school week and there are times that I am happy to have the kids home early.....but really they are closing school for a basketball game!!
SO the message to the kids is that it is ok to be stupid as long as you are good at sports.
I am just not sure that this is the proper message to be sending our youngsters. I am ok with the high school kids going to the game to support the team. I am just saying let's keep the elementary kids in school and teach them that academics should come 1st.

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  1. I agree that is a weird reason to let them out of school! I love when my two older boys are in school - gives me a little peace and quiet time lol!