Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 1
So as I told you all before I have decided to try this 7 day no spend thingie.
 I have planned a menu for the next week and I have to admit that doing so was tough for me....I am not really sure why. When I owned my daycare I had all meals planned for a month at a time....(the state said I had to do this). But 7 years of not making menus has me feeling like I did when I had to make my first menus. WOW this is making me feel old and even more unorganized than I already knew I was.

So 12 hours in and I am realizing that, for me, going 7 days without spending reinforces that for me to succeed at being even a tiny bit organized I need to make lists....many many lists. I have also accepted that I make a gazillion runs to the store for whatever the mood strikes me. So this no spending thing is going to be a good thing for me in more than the wallet.

I want to say thank you to consumption-rebellion for this idea. I think I may come back to a more organized and frugal least I am praying for that....:)


  1. Lists always save me. . .shopping lists, to-do lists, blog idea lists :)

  2. Hi, Alison. Hope you're well. I wanted to let you know that I'm passing an Oh My Blog! Award on to you... Check out my blog for the rules and more info. Congratulations!