Friday, April 2, 2010

No Spend Week is OVER

OK So I survived the no spend week.....but have to admit it was tough. On Wednesdays the BFF and I usually do random shopping for things like laundry detergent and goofy junk....we will have breakfast or lunch out and just spend the day free without kids. And this week I spent my Wednesday working in the yard....I missed my BFF time terribly.
Although, we have spent every afternoon this week the warmer months we combine our dinners and swap off which house we eat at and the kids play outside till dark. The "community dinner" as we call it is a fantastic way for neither of us to do much cooking or cleaning. Tuesday we grilled at her house, Wednesday was a trip to China here, and Thursday was Southern at her house. Not real sure what today will be but I do know it will be at my house.
Now back to what I learned this week.....that not going to the store prompted me to get some projects worked on that have been waiting in the wings. We got trees trimmed, bulbs planted, yard raked, alley cleaned, worked on painting cabinets, even started working ont he pool. This has turned out to be a very productive week for me and I hope it continues. I have also made a zillion lists of things I still want to get done around here.....need to put sealer on the wooden bench, work on getting the house painted, and work on the koi pond are at the top of the list.
I think for me I am going to continue the no spending in smaller doses like 4 day spells until school gets out. So for me I plan on not spending from Sunday to Wednesday.....let's see what happens....wish me luck


  1. Congratulations! I just did the no spend week at the suggestion of Consumption Rebellion blog and it was also tough, but a great experience. I found it reminded me to plan and also to put on the old thinking cap and make food from what I have versus always running out for more things. We ended up have two delicious dishes last night (tabouli salad and a beef stirfry) from things hidden in the depths of the freezer and cupboards. Best of luck with your short versions of no spend. I need to think about what I learned to help me spend less regularly too. cheers

  2. PS: thanks for checking out my blog! I've done just one repurposing/upcycling thing, which was turn my fav old jeans that my wife forbid me to wear anymore into a skirt. I'm very delighted with it. You can see it at
    It's not perfect, but I think I like that about it too. cheers, Tara

  3. What a great thing to do!! What did you do about fresh food, though? Was that already on hand before the week started?

    (And thanks for stopping by LoLo Craft!! Your comment totally made me grin...and blush. ;-))

  4. We are doing a no spend April. Accckkk! I'm willing to give it a try. I have a puny grocery budget but that's it! Good for you doing it, though!